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The Gift Principle

I choose to follow The Gift Principle in how I charge for my services in the following manner:

My fees = Baseline fee + Gift

  • Baseline fee = The minimum fee I ask for

  • Gift = The value you believe you are getting above and beyond the baseline fee.


For determining “The Gift” value, please consider the following:

[1] For each session, I spend 80 minutes to 210 minutes, which consists of preparation, the session itself, and follow-up.

[2] The baseline fee plus the gift value should represent your appreciation of the value of my service in terms of its impact on you and the goals you have. This is determined after each session.

[3] My baseline fee is half of what I would normally ask for.

I choose to follow The Gift Principle, because I believe it is part of what is needed for our collective consciousness to shift towards an economy that is based on the reality that we, and all life, are sacred. 


You can learn more about the above from the book Sacred Economics, which was written by Charles Eisenstein. The book cover below provides a link to his website. The research he has done on the topic of money is simply magnificent.

Sacred Economics Book Cover Image.png
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