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The Gift

I offer my coaching as a gift

For each session received, you may do just one, or more, of the following :

{ 1 } send me an amount that feels good, clear, and right to you
{ 2 } write a testimonial that speaks to the value of my coaching to you
{ 3 } pay it forward. It other words, share your gift with a person in need

The above is the result of my conscious decision to be a part of the transition towards an economy that is sacred. Based on the writings and research of Charles Eisenstein, in his book titled Sacred Economics, here are the principles and benefits of a sacred economy:

The Principles

  1. Inspire gratitude by giving our gifts (“services”) to others in gratitude and release

  2. Gratitude makes the world (“economy”) go around

  3. The “return” gift shall be defined and chosen by the receiver (you)

  4. Our “self” is connected to, and embedded in, all life

  5. Money shall embody our “self” and its use shall create a sense of relatedness

The Benefits

  1. The cultivation of relationships based on gratitude between persons

  2. The creation and cultivation of a sense of community

  3. An economy that will make use of our gifts to heal the world

Sacred Economics Book Cover Image.png
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