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There are just no words for what you did for me today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Today will stay with me for many years to come. 

~ A.R., human rights advocate, Sweden

I thank you so so much for your support. It helped to a level that i can't even describe. Your calm energy and your approach have been of great help. In the sessions you were always there, present and ready to listen. The meditations also played a major part in helping me move forward when I felt stuck. Most of all you came into the session and I deeply felt that you cared to help. You were prepared and grounded.

Vaso A, photographer, creative spirit with love for self improvement, Greece

Dean is an exceptional coach and a living embodiment of his work. He possesses a remarkable ability to track the underlying currents and motivating forces in my life and see the connections between them and the incidences in my life. Dean is steadfast in his commitment to his clients and the path that are in the heart. If my motivation or confidence ever flags, he steps in to support with the necessary hope, tools and guidance. It makes a tremendous difference to go through the process of self-exploration with such an empathetic and resolute coach.

~ Annie B., mother of three, international legal counsel, and fearless adventurer. New York, USA

My partner and I were in a really bad place when we decided to start our therapy with H.D.
A year later, we’ve learnt how to listen to each other better and to focus more on what really matters: love. Things are much smoother between us thanks to his guidance and support. HD has helped us in the right direction by training us in having the right reflexes rather than thinking negatively about each other.  Today, we are in a healthier relationship compared to a year ago thanks to him.

~ C.V. & L.B, Corporate Managers, Brave Lovers, Brussels, Belgium

There are times in life when things don't make sense- Stress and anxiety can consume the mind and cause a downward spiral. It's easy to label these types of issues as being trivial but the accumulation can be quite detrimental. I was at a point in my life where I knew something was wrong but couldn't quite figure out the root cause. I reached out to H.D. in hopes of some guidance and direction to help get my life back in order. H.D. gave me a platform to vent about my frustrations and analyzed ways that he felt could help me out of my predicament.  Sometimes the answers we need in our life is right in front of us. It just takes another set of ears and eyes to help you with that realization. What I like most about working with H.D. is how consistent he is with following up on projects that he assigned. It's common to lose motivation with tasks you need to complete in order to help yourself. H.D. was always there to give me that extra push and motivation. Whether you're in a dark place in your life or you just want help with achieving a goal, I highly recommend H.D. Lee. His method and approach to helping others is compassionate and extremely effective. 

~ J. P., Graphic Designer, Trailblazer. Brussels, Belgium.

學鼎以他個人特殊的經歷與廣博的學識,協助我訂立了“有意義”的目標,和我一起發想出“可執行”的計畫,並根據實踐結果加以修正改進,使我在合理的時間內實現了目標! 提升了我的自信心,完成了我的一個小小心願。謝謝你,Dean!
所以我可以說,選擇 H.D. Lee 的“自我實現” coaching,是我近年來做過最好的自我投資!
Mr. H.D. Lee is a unique “psychology” coach. He’s like a personal fitness coach, except what he works on with you is inner fitness. Based on his own interesting personal journey and vast knowledge, H.D. Lee supported me to set goals which were meaningful. These goals and its accompanying plans, which we worked on together, were both feasible and open to revision based on feedback from real life. The result is I was able to attain the goals I’d set. How encouraging it was to be able to realize my aims within a timeline that made sense ! My wish was fulfilled and my confidence really improved. Thank you, Dean !
Therefore, I am able to say that choosing to work on self-actualization with H.D. Lee was the best investment in myself in recent years!

~ 徐先生,中醫大學生,烏克麗麗琴手,

Mr. Hsu, Chinese Medicine doctor in-training and Ukulele musician. Taiwan

During these coaching sessions I was invited to a warm and open setting. My objectives were to help me improve myself and inch closer to my future goals. I happened to achieve both personal growth and goal achievement. The bi-weekly activities gave me something to help achieve my goals for the session. I learned how to look at the positives of both my dominant and counter part personalities. I would recommend these sessions to anyone who is looking for clarity or needs guidance on how to build goals and create steps to achieve them. The people who are looking to find reassurance or improvement in growth mindset will benefit the most from these sessions.

~ Alexis F., college student, future psychologist,

social change maker for underprivileged kids. Arizona, USA

Dean was of invaluable help whenever I faced difficult decisions. He guided with powerful questions and exercises, while leaving me space to make my discovery on my own terms.

~ S. C., designer, entrepreneur, Denmark

在我同時面臨婚姻問題和失業人生雙重打擊時, 很慶幸找到Dean作為我的人生教練。

第一次諮商時, 他的沉穩氣場和能量就已讓我對未來諮詢效果產生相當大的信心, 彷彿吃了顆定心丸。諮商時間外, 也用不少工具和多元又客製化的作業作為諮詢輔助工具, 讓作業變得有趣。他鼓勵和引導我用有創意的方式思考及解決問題, 透過練習和諮商幫助我重新建立自信。每周一次的諮詢, 經由他特殊的領導, 讓我認定幾十年無法動搖的悲觀態度在幾個月內徹底翻轉。隨著時間的推進, 我不僅可以開始用正面積極的態度看待人生困難和挑戰, 甚至由衷感激有這些經歷讓我成長, 讓我客觀地看待生命中的變化。也因此我得以在這段時間內經歷過不少生命中奇妙, 讓人意想不到的事件。


他博學多聞的經歷, 不只能回答我五花八門的人生問題, 切中要點的發問也總促使我反思, 進而察覺自己的內心。在我人生中最黑暗, 最絕望的時期因他的耐心陪伴和引領, 讓我更認識自己, 讓我內心更為強大, 踏上奇妙的旅程。


Dean發自內心關懷客戶的狀態, 真誠的意見, 溫暖的個性, 深切的同理心, 開放的心態讓人可以完全敞開心胸, 深入探討核心問題。對於迫切追求自我成長人來說, 接受他的輔導可謂事半功倍. 他不只提供心靈上的支持, 也總提供資源和工具提供實際上的幫助, 是值得信賴的人生教練。


以往我總是較封閉, 和人保持距離, 當我從諮詢中學習表達真實自我, 揭露自我並予以應用時, 幾乎所有同事都訝異於我的變化。也因此在工作和人際關係中, 我都有顯著的成長, 交到了朋友, 甚至和以前只有點頭之交的同事們開始相談甚歡, 和人有自然且輕鬆的交流, 達成我一直以來嚮往的職場人際關係 。

~ 林小姐,程式設計師,遊戲設計師,探索世界者。布魯塞爾,比利時

我在這裡要表達對Dean 的coaching 教練工作的感謝。第一次與Dean談話,剛開始時我感到蠻緊張的。Dean於是提議我們安靜個兩分鐘,再開始進行諮詢。實際上我感覺不只兩分鐘,非常快我便感受到,我的內部像是球一般擴展開來,是舒服的,很像在過去的靜坐過程中,曾經感受到的美好體驗。我很欣賞Dean用慢速、穩定的步調說著中文,幫助我安定下來。從Dean的深度聆聽當中,我感到被同理了!那樣真誠的態度創造了一個安全的場域給予支持我的表達與過程。第一次的個案結束之後,我收到Dean寄來的兩個練習功課,那正是很符合我的現況,能夠幫助我透過練習回到自己的中心。我要謝謝Dean,當我正處在一個無助的情況時,那麼精準的提供協助。我期待下一次與Dean一起工作。


~ 吳嘉羚 

聲音藝術家 台灣

Although three months of consultation was not very long, I learned much from your guidance. This was a very intensive consultation process. I am grateful you helped me solve the toughest and urgent problems. I feel fortunate to have you listened to my challenges, and to have received sincere as well as balanced advice. These advice broadened my way of thinking and shone a light on the path of my personal journey. You also helped my wife and I step out of a vicious cycle. We have both grown as a result. Thanks to you, I have the courage and the rational mind to face the impact my family-of-origin has had on me. I will continue to apply what I’ve learned from our consultations.


~ Anonymous, Brussels, Belgium

三個月的諮詢雖然不長,但是我從你的指導中收穫的內容非常多,這是很intensive的諮詢過程,感謝您幫助我解決了我最棘手並且最急於解決的問題。 我很幸運可以遇到您,願意傾聽我的苦惱,給出真誠又中肯的建議,開闊我的思維,為我的路上點上了一盏明燈。您也把我和我太太從一個感情的惡性循環里拉出來,我們兩個人都有所成長。 也是多虧有您,我能有勇氣,並且更理性地面對原生家庭的影響。 我會繼續好好應用,和執行您給我的開導和建議。

~ 匿名顧客,布魯塞爾,比利時

Your services did help me stay accountable when working towards my objectives. It helped me break things down and put them into perspective as to what is important and what I can let go of. Physically, I have become more confident with my athletics and financially…when I was working with you, it was quite high and bright. 


[Your coaching] were of very high value to me because it brought me closer to understanding what I want from myself mentally and spiritually. I began to make time for allowing peace to enter my life through gratitude and using my bullet journal to help me organise my thoughts


Honestly Dean, you have such amazing energy and your genuineness flows so easily even through a computer screen. I believe you have high ethics and don't make me feel bad if I have not reached certain areas of my life…You do such amazing work! Thank you 😊


~ Daphnée D., personal trainer, Brussels, Belgium

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