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About Me &
How to tell if I might be the coach for You

         My experience has shown me that the type of coach-client relationship capable of leading to satisfying and powerful results are ones where there are a strong alignment in intention, energy and orientation. By this I mean that which the client is seeking to realize is also what the coach is most ready and glad to offer. The coach and the client share a similar level of energy, where the intensity of their drive for healing and change join forces to manifest something that is both beautiful and powerful to witness. There is complementarity in how the pair orient around each other, like planets that are in orbit. They are in the same solar system, orienting around the same sun so-to-speak. In such a manner, right balance and relationship facilitate the emergence of wholeness and healing within the context of our work together.
        Life coaching requires methodology, expertise, and experience. But it requires intuition and heart, too. A coach who cares and has reliable intuition is more impactful than a coach with good technique and years of experience.
        How do you know I, or anyone else, would be the right life coach for you? I invite you to sense into your gut reaction based on what you are reading and seeing from the website of the life coach, as well as experience one or two sessions with the coach of your choice. Above all, set strong intentions to be guided to the right coach for you.
        Well, the above should give you a sense of where I come from and how I approach the my work in life coaching. In addition, I provide an overview of my qualifications and experiences below, which I hope will give you insight into how I have chosen to shape my life and how life has shaped me.

  • Adjunct Faculty at Sofia University, California USA (2018 ~ 2021). Taught graduate courses in transpersonal psychology and positive psychology.

  • International business consultant for Global 2000 companies (1998~2018) in procurement, information technology, computer gaming, insurance, automotive, and pharmaceutics.

  • Experience working and living in the US (20 years), Belgium (15 years), UK (4 years), France (2 years), Germany (2 years), Taiwan (7 years), China (3 years).

  • Experience traveling to 30+ countries

  • Fluent & literate in English, Chinese, and French

  • Psychosynthesis training in Act of Will (2023) at The Synthesis Center, San Francisco, USA

  • Liberating Structures facilitator training (2023) at The Greater Than Academy

  • Training in group self-management (Outils pour auto-gestions) in Belgium (2023).

  • Training in The Path of Unitive Individuation (la méthode de La Voie de l’individuation unitive) with Nicolas Bornemisza (2022-23)

  • Training in the Sacred Feminie and Shaktism (Fémini Sacré et Shaktisme) with Richard Verboomen (2022)

  • Training in Breakthrough to Success with Jack Canfield (2022)

  • Advisory roles for educational non-profits: HundrED Finland & Xinzhai Better China (2018 ~ 2021)

  • Certification in-progress in Humane Education at the Institute for Humane Education, Maine, USA (2019 ~ 2020)

  • Certification in Psychosynthesis Life Coaching (2018) at The Synthesis Center, Massachusetts, USA

  • Certification in Green Education (2018) at The Green School, Indonesia.

  • Trained in foundational Chinese Medicine (2017) at 本元堂 in China.

  • Certified in dreamwork (2016) by the Marin Institute for Projective Dreamwork in California, USA.

  • Masters diploma in Transpersonal Psychology (2016), Sofia University, California USA

  • Published writer and invited speaker at transpersonal psychology and educational conferences (2014 ~ current)

  • Non-degree focused fine arts training (1999 ~ 2007), California Art Institute, USA

  • Bachelors diploma in Economics (1998). University of California at Berkeley, USA

  • Certified Information Technology Specialist, IBM (1998), California, USA

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