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Who am I?

The roles I play in life have evolved considerably. The ones I have cherished include: conscientious father, loyal friend, soulmate, dedicated student, life coach, psychology teacher, educational visionary, portrait and figure artist, amateur musician, and spiritual seeker. My biggest passion is learning, and my learning for the past nine years have mostly revolved around psychology, spirituality, and education, as well as that which impacts our collective life (economics, politics, ecology, the sciences). I am very deeply drawn to that which gives rise to a sense of beauty and flow. As such, I have dedicated considerable time and energy to practicing art and music over the years. Regarding my professional activities and studies: I have taught transpersonal and positive psychology at Sofia University in California. In addition, I have served in an advisory and ambassadorial capacity for the social educational non-profits HundrED in Finland, as well as for Xinzhai-Better in China. My past professional work was in international business where I worked as a consultant in the areas of procurement, consulting, information technology, computer gaming, insurance, automotive, and pharmaceutics. I have a bachelors in economics from the University of California at Berkeley in the USA, and a masters in transpersonal psychology from Sofia University in California. In addition, I have certifications in psycho-spiritual coaching (The Synthesis Center, USA), Chinese Medicine (本元堂, China), information technology (IBM), business negotiation (Karrass), projective dreamwork (MIPD), and I underwent extensive arts training at the California Art Institute. I am fluent and literate in Chinese, French, and English.


Hi, my name is H.D. Lee. I have been on a quest for the past 20 years to understand what it is that makes people do what they do, and think how they think. What really makes the world go around? My quest has taken me to the highest heights and the lowest lows. Depression, divorce, desperation. I have been through my personal hell. But I have also been to my personal heaven. Strong relationships, work that I love, and a sense of peace I only dreamed of having when I was younger.

There are many life coaches out there, and each one will be unique in what they are able to offer you. The coaching relationship is a personal one. It is much more than a business transaction. So, if you are drawn to me, it is probably because you believe somewhere inside that there is a fit between what I have to offer and what you are looking for.

If this is the case, then I invite you book a free initial consultation with me. We’ll explore the direction and change you seek, as well as the current life challenges that are setting you up for this change. I look forward to working with you soon.