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About Me & Why I might be the coach for You

        My experience has shown me that the kind of coach-client relationship which leads to the most satisfying and powerful results are ones where there are a strong alignment in intention, energy and orientation. By this I mean the client is intending to realize is also what the coach is most excited to offer. They share a similar level of energy, where the intensity of their enthusiasm meet and create an unstoppable drive to move things forward. There is a complementarity in how the pair “do the dance” with each other: yin and yang, love and will, feminine and masculine.
        Life coaching work requires methodology and expertise, but it requires intuition and heart, too. A coach who cares and has reliable intuition can be much more impactful than a coach with good technique and years of experience.
        The above should give you a sense of where I come from and how I approach the important work of life coaching. In addition, I have provided an overview of my qualifications and experiences in such a way that will hopefully give you insight into how I have chosen to shape my life and how life has shaped me.

  • Adjunct Faculty at Sofia University, California USA (2018 ~ 2021)

  • Certification in Psychosynthesis Life Coaching (2018) at The Synthesis Center, Massachusetts, USA

  • International business consultant for Global 2000 companies (1998~2018) in procurement, information technology, computer gaming, insurance, automotive, and pharmaceutics.

  • Experience working and living in the US (20 years), Belgium (14 years), UK (4 years), France (2 years), Germany (2 years), Taiwan (7 years), China (3 years).

  • Experience traveling to 30+ countries

  • Fluent & literate in English, Chinese, and French

  • Advisory roles for educational non-profits: HundrED Finland & Xinzhai Better China (2018 ~ 2021)

  • Certification in-progress in Humane Education at the Institute for Humane Education, Maine, USA (2019 ~ 2020)

  • Certification in Green Education (2018) at The Green School, Indonesia.

  • Trained in foundational Chinese Medicine (2017) at 本元堂 in China.

  • Certified in dreamwork (2016) by the Marin Institute for Projective Dreamwork in California, USA.

  • Masters diploma in Transpersonal Psychology (2016), Sofia University, California USA

  • Published writer and invited speaker at transpersonal psychology and educational conferences (2014 ~ current)

  • Non-degree focused fine arts training (1999 ~ 2007), California Art Institute, USA

  • Bachelors diploma in Economics (1998). University of California at Berkeley, USA

  • Certified Information Technology Specialist, IBM (1998), California, USA

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