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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me more information about the work we might do together?

I often help my clients deal with issues that are at the pragmatic level, such as how to sort out and navigate a complex work  problem (e.g. conflicts with clients, or ways to change one’s career), or a “serious” life problem (e.g. divorce). We also work on the personal growth level, such as how to communicate effectively or be confident. Lastly, we also work on the life meaning and purpose level, such as how to manifest a life dream or find “home” where abiding peace and belonging are discovered.


Below are more details on some of what I’ve worked with people on, which I categorise into three groups: (1) pragmatic problem solving, (2) personal growth or personal development, and (3) life meaning and purpose.

On the pragmatic problem-solving level, I have worked with clients to solve practical life and relationship problems, get past “stuck-ness”, move out of depression, grief, anxiety, being lost, overcome stress, gain clarity, restore balance to your daily life, set goals and achieve them.

On the personal growth or development level, I have worked with clients to develop effective and non-violent communication skills, emotional stability, maturity, and skillfulness, social intelligence, self-worth that does not depend on others,  unconditional self-love, ability to receive from others, internal clarity, focus, self-confidence, setting boundaries, character strengths development, inner harmony, self-knowledge (values, needs, goals, etc.),  forgiveness, and moving towards meaningful goals.

On the life meaning and purpose level, I have worked with clients to figure out the question of happiness, one’s ability to deal with personal suffering, a sense of purpose, inner peace, manifestation of life dreams, awakening/enlightenment/Self-realization, inner freedom, be of service to others and “the world”, a fulfilling life, find “home”, and find direction and purpose in life.

How is your coaching unique or different from the others’?

My service includes pre-session preparation, in-session work, and post-session follow-up. This includes correspondence by email between sessions and occasional phone calls when needed.

Secondly, you are given tools, practices, and information that are tailored to your specific circumstance and aims.  Based on the progress of our work and my assessment of your needs, I assign meaningful exercises, activities, reading material, and videos to you to work with in between our sessions. As such, the work you do with me is active and continuous, whether we are in session or not.

Lastly and most importantly, each coach is unique in his life experience, personality, training, and talents. To the extent that any given coach can help you out, he must be able to walk his talk. My lived experience and gift that I am able to share with you are many, but the one I would highlight with joy is my practice of listening to the higher call of life and answering that call with courage, resourcefulness, and optimism. At the end of the day, coaching is much more than just techniques and strategies.

What is your rate?

Please read this page (“The Gift”)

Do I have to commit to a fixed number of sessions?

No, I do not ask my clients to commit to a fixed number of sessions. It is important that the process of working together is a two-way street where the client’s will and autonomy are respected. This means you are in control with the number and frequency of our sessions that you are inclined to undertake. I do suggest what I believe is optimal for us, but it is always up to you to follow it or not.

Do you work online? If so, through which platforms?

Yes, besides in-person sessions, I also work on-line. Zoom is the main platform I use. I am able to use other videoconferencing platforms if the client so requires.

Where is your office located?

My office is located in Woluwe-St-Lambert in Belgium.

Do you work with clients from outside of Belgium?

Yes, I have worked with clients who are based in the US, Asia, and other parts of Europe. My current clients include those who live outside of Belgium.

What languages do you work in?

I work in English, Chinese, and French.

What are your privacy, confidentiality, GDPR, and cookie policies?

Please visit the following webpage for information:

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