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Life is Change

Supporting you to make momentous life decisions and

working meaningfully with difficult changes are what I do

About H.D. Lee

I am H.D. Lee, a certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach with a graduate degree in Transpersonal Psychology. My coaching work is informed by 20+ years of professional and life experience in the United States, Europe, and Asia. I work with you first and foremost from personal experience, which is the place from which I’ve derived the topics of my work as a life coach.

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Within every change lies dormant the opportunity for healing and growth. Here are some of life's changes and challenges with which I am familiar

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Changing Country

The challenge of adapting to a new country goes beyond learning a new language or way of living. It is in fact the expansion and discovery of a part of you that requires you to go beyond who you have been…

Sand Dunes

Changing Career

To even dream of changing your career requires guts: guts as in gut instinct as well as courage. So how do you trust your gut instinct and how do you go about the business of preparing the ground for a new direction?…

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Dating & Intimate relationship

The challenges of dating and maintaining an intimate relationship are perhaps too well known in the negative sense. The frustration, insecurity, and desperation are good for learning from your mistakes, but…

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Marital Difficulties & Divorce

Loneliness is the person who is in a marriage but not really in one. No further explanation is needed if you’ve been there. Another choice exists between the two miserable ends of suffering through it or ending it all…

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Single parenthood

Is there anything more challenging than parenthood? Apparently yes: Single parenthood !  The swing from complete and unrelenting childcare and battling with your teens to being alone while the kids are away with your ex is just plain hard…

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Loss of Meaning

Loss of work, loss of a loved one, loss of a sense of who you are. These are life’s crises that can lead to confusion, depression, and a total loss of meaning…

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Get in Touch

Click the button below and set up an exploratory call that is free of charge. I have experienced all of these changes and challenges, and I will be happy to share the insights and practices that support your healing and growth

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“Every moment is the chance of a lifetime”

~ Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

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