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Life is Your Best Teacher

But Sometimes We Can Use A Little Help!

The journey to wholeness, meaning, and purpose is one we all undertake. Some embark on this journey with more conscious awareness than others. How enjoyable the journey is and how far you go is a matter you have control over. I speak from experience on this and I would love to be your guide. I look forward to exploring the mystery and adventure that is your life. I cannot wait to share with you perspectives, practices, and ways of being that I know will change your world!

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A Seeker of

Meaning & Purpose,

Healing & Growth?

Whether you are seeking healing and growth or meaning and purpose, the two sets of outcomes secretly collaborate so that as you work towards one, you are also approaching the other. Work, family, and relationship related stress, anxiety, and depression can be very serious issues. However, they become pathways to your life’s deeper meaning and healing if you have the right set of glasses on.

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Managing Life’s Transitions

Entering adulthood, the decision to marry, relationship difficulties, divorce, entering parenthood, midlife crisis, identity crisis, career decisions, loss of employment, and the death of a loved one. Life surely does not make things easy for us. I work with you to find out the hidden invitation behind these transitions in order to move through these harrowing moments with imperturbable calm and hope.

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About H.D. Lee

Raised in Taiwan, educated at Berkeley and Sofia University in California, H.D. Lee has spent more than two decades working in the U.S. and Europe. A practitioner and certified coach of psychosynthesis, H.D. Lee takes a psycho-spiritual approach to facilitating the journey of wholeness for his clients.

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"Put your soul in charge of your life"

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