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The Path of Growth

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

The path of meaningful personal growth affords us the opportunity to come to know our true Self. The reverse is probably even more true!

But what is our true Self and why should we care? Let us begin by recognizing that we do have access to true Self and that the purpose of inner work, and specifically with this Self, has the potential to fill our lives with vitality, a sense of adventure, creativity, meaning, and purpose.

This journey of Self-Realization is for everyone across all cultures, social classes, and religion. Assagioli’s seminal works “The Act of Will” and “Psychosynthesis” approached the above topics with clarity and power. Lee Jin Bo of China approached the same topic in his book “呼吸之間” but from the perspective of “practicing the Tao”, or “The Way.” Lee called for us to practice the Tao not just for ourselves, bu also for all of humanity.

What are your thoughts about this topic? What questions arises within you

May you be joyful on your path.



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